7 Date Night Tips from MaxVit (former Revicon Max)

MaxVit Date Nights
Joy and togetherness always symbolize the Christmas season. We want to spend time with the people special to us. Unfortunately, husband and wives find it hard to spend time together due to the holiday stress caused by the never-ending rush hour traffic, last-minute shopping, Noche Buena preparation and even, spontaneous family reunions.

7 Date Night Tips

Why not try surprising her with seven simple dates in seven nights? Give her a back rub after a tiring day; come home with good conversation plus a bottle of wine; go on a road trip to reminisce your journey as a couple. Just be creative as you can!
    MaxVit Box / Capsules
    MaxVit Box / Capsules
  • Monday: Give Her a Surpirse Backrub
    • Help her beat the Monday stress and show her that you care with an after dinner backrub. Maybe get something from the Boody Shop.
  • Tuesday: Dine Out
    • Spare her from cooking tongihts' dinner by treating her to a restaurant; a simple meal at North Park, perhaps?
  • Wednesday: Reminisce over Your Wedding and a Glass of Wine
    • Looking back at your wedding albums can bring back romantic memories. add heat and make it more special with a glass of wine from Wine Depot. :P
  • Thursday: Simple Pleasures
    • You use to enjoy each other even in simple activities. When was the last time you accompanied her to the supermarket? A quick trip to Robinsons supermarket with wifey wouldn't hurt much, right?
  • Friday: Coffee or Tea?
    • A simple chat over a cup of hot Starbucks coffee on a rainy Friday night can lead to very interesting activities later on. Believe me. :P
  • Saturday: Night Jogging
    • As lazy as you could be, a once-a-week night jog with her would be a good start. Put on that pair of Nike shoes and show her that you can still do it; and even more!
  • Sunday: Weekend Drive Away from the City
    • Weekends are made for relaxation. Close that laptop and drop that tablet. Go somewhere far from the city and enjoy each other's company. Traveling together and seeing new places can do wonders. Go ahead and expand your horizons with her. 
MaxVit (former Revicon Max)
MaxVit (former Revicon Max)
Loving her VERY MAX 

Were you overwhelmed with all those above-mentioned activities? Good thing, MaxVit, formerly known as Revicon Max, can give husbands the energy they need to keep the romance burning during this holiday season.

MaxVit Capsules
MaxVit Capsules
MaxVit has the same potent Max formula powered by Royal Jelly that reduces the fatigue men feel, and Ginseng that recharges the body’s energy supply to fight exhaustion to allow husbands to spend better and longer nights with their wives.

Don’t let the holiday stress and fatigue stop you from spending better days – and nights with her. Give your love a new spark with every minute and every touch. So whether it’s Christmas or not, always remind yourself that it doesn’t take much to show your wife that you love her.

Try the MaxVit softgel capsules from leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide for P12 per capsule. Individually packed in flex foil, MaxVit is available in Convenience Pack of 5’s, and Box of 100’s.  Check out their YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/ILoveMyWifeVeryMax and the MaxVit community page at www.facebook.com/ILoveMyWifeVeryMax for updates on how to love her – Very Max.


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