10 Chito Rono Quotes about The “Etiquette for Mistresses” Movie

In a quick press conference for the upcoming movie “Etiquette for Mistresses”, movie director Chito S. Rono and creative director Kriz Gazmen graced the event held at ELJ Building in the ABS-CBN compound.
Etiquette for Mistresses
Director Chito S. Rono of "Etiquette for Mistresses"

Etiquette for Mistresses

The movie Etiquette for Mistresses was inspired from the controversial same-titled book written by Julie Yap-Daza. The movie stars some of the biggest names from Star Cinema including award-winning actresses and box-office queens—Claudine Barretto, Iza Calzado, Cheena CrabKim Chiu and Kris Aquino.

Direk Chito Rono answered a lot of questions from the media on his thoughts about the movie  “Etiquette for Mistresses” and you can infer a lot of wisdom from him about the often-taboo topic among the conservatives - the mistresses.

Here are some thought provoking quotes from Dir. Chito S. Rono from the gathering:

Referring to the movie in general…
Hindi ito yung ordinaryong kabit [movie]
I don’t want people to judge it as just another mistress movie.
"The mistresses here are mistresses who don’t do it for the money…puso yan eh.
Alam mo ba na bawal banggitin ang “kabit” sa trailer?"
Referring to the actresses...
I was elated that they [five actresses] worked very professionally and they took to their characters very seriously.
The major challenge [for the actresses] is if you are not a mistress and you try to pretend to be one.
Referring to the story….
"It felt so real to me it has to be told in this way. It has to be told, we have to chronicle their story
This movie will surprise a lot of people
Ayaw mong masira ang pamilya because of the mistresses, I want them [the young adult moviegoers] to see how the world really is so they can protect themselves better.
Wala ka sa kulungan, alalahanin mo.” (a heavy, meaningful quote from the movie script)
The movie is rated R13 and also stars Helen Gamboa and Pilar Pilapil whose roles were withheld by Direk Chito as an element of surprise.

The movie is touted as not the usual “mistrress” movie stereotyped with confrontations with the legal wife and all. Moreover, the mistresses are not in the relationship for the money. It delves more on the life and struggles of mistresses and portrays them as ordinary human beings too. You will meet a conservative mistress, a daring mistress, a lawyer mistress, a struggling mistress, and a young mistress.
Chito Rono
Direk Chito Rono with Creative Director Kriz Gazmen.
The movie is expected to trigger discussions not only among the viewers but also among society’s mistresses as well.

As Direk Chito Rono emphasised, in the end, being a mistress is a choice. Yes, you have the freedom of choice, but you don’t have the freedom of consequence, meaning you have to face the consequences of your actions as well.

Etiquette for Mistresses” is showing in major theaters nationwide and select theaters in other parts of the world on September 30, 2015. It is the first Philippine movie to have a simulcast screening day in Philippine cinemas and around the world.


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