"Consistency is Key" in Skin Whitening

It is a fact that most Filipinas want to have fairer and whiter skin. The prevalence of whitening products such as soaps, lotions, and even glutathione medicines in the market are proofs of this.
Silka Whitening
Silka Whitening Products

But while most wants to get "whiter" as fast as possible, Silka, a brand of whitening product line in the Philippines best known for their Silka Papaya Soap says that getting fairer skin cannot be done overnight. It has to be part of your daily beauty regimen in achieving the whiter skin slowly but surely.

Hence, "consistency is key".

This is also their key message in Silka's recent campaign "Nagmadali, Nagkamali" Roughly translated as "in a hurry, commits mistake", it highlights the message that whitening is not to be done in a hurry, otherwise, you might be commit a sorry mistake in the outcome.
Artsy Cafe
Silka Media Event @ Artsy Cafe 
YasSilka: Yassi Pressman 

Beautiful, smart and talented, Yassi Pressman has been ranked among the country’s most sought-after leading ladies of this generation. In fact, her latest television project lists her as the main character’s lady love, a role that propelled the 22-year- old actress into ultimate Stardom.

However, many people do not realize that Yassi has been in the showbiz industry for more than a decade, and that her path to success hasn’t always been a walk through the park.
Yassi Pressman
Actress & Celebrity Yassi Pressman
The Filipino-British beauty says, "Marami akong naging pagsubok sa showbiz. llang beses na din akong hindi natanggap sa mga audition, pero tuloy lang ang laban. Sabi ko nga sa sarili k0, don’t try to rush things that need time to grow. With hard work, dadating ang para sa iyo sa tamang panahon kasi kapag minamadali, nagkakamali.” 
Now at the peak of her acting career, Yassi spends an average of 8 hours in a shoot and sits in the hair and make-up chair for around 3 hours. With barely enough time to sleep and rest, Yassi is able to maintain a healthy, bright and beautiful skin.

Yassi Pressman
Yassi Pressman for Silka
The secret to her glow? Silka Papaya Soap, the number one beauty soap in the Philippines. Packed with papaya enzymes for exfoliation and Vitamin E for moisturizing, Silka Papaya soap gives Yassi naturally beautiful skin.
Yassi’s career demands her to be always at her best and to maintain a healthy, glowing skin. With Silka Papaya Soap, we make sure to take care of Yassi’s‘skin in an everyday basis. There are no instant solutions because beauty is an everyday regimen. This is paralleled with the success story of Yassi and that’s what makes her an inspiration to all the women who aspire to be like her,” says Jane Co, Silka’s Marketing Manager. 
SIlka Marketing
Jane Co, Silka’s Marketing Manager
In the age of everything “instant,” Yassi is truly an example of grace, beauty and diligence. She knows that natural beauty is not rushed and more importantly, success is not something to be achieved overnight. And at the rate Yassi is going, it seems like this go-getter is not stopping anytime soon.

So what is your Silka "Nagmadali Nagkamali" story? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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